Moving Onto Other Recipes

If you’ve followed me on here back when I was still posting, you likely know I have a love for for a soothing tea, a tasty coffee, an alcoholic marvel. So, to quickly cut to the chase, I’ll say that’s the direction I’m headed with this blog. Well, primarily coffee, but perhaps I’ll try mixology at some point?

I still want to do reviews of all kinds, though! Restaurant and cafe reviews, product reviews, deep dives into food science… At some point, that will all continue–sprinkled into my coffee drink recipes.

While I did love sharing my meal recipes, it was very time consuming. Which is why you saw me stop with no warning. When I started, I was working out of a very tiny apartment kitchen with awful lighting, and a very wonky work schedule.

In recent years, my kitchen has changed to a much better setup, but my life has made it harder to find time to sit down and figure out what recipes I want to share. It’s not easy doing this. Some days, you just want to cook to eat, not cook to have to present it for a blog.

With that said, I still want to share recipes, but in the tail-end of this pandemic-inspired quarantine, I’ve found a love in finally making delicious and pretty coffee drinks for myself each day. I’ve always enjoyed a good cup of tea or coffee throughout my week, but recently I’ve gotten into bean grinding and making my own cold brews and foams. It’s really elevated my at-home-café experience. And I want to share that with you all.

If you noticed my Instagram is gone, that disappeared around the first half of 2020. I tried to keep it up to share what wasn’t coming to longform at Thyme & Again. However, once the pandemic hit, and it was harder to maintain my usual pace of life and exploring cuisine, it became a painful reminder that my time spending time with friends over a good meal would be over for awhile.

Luckily, I’m vaccinated, so I can slowly re-enter society and enjoy those meals. But at least for now, I want those to be just for me. (Unless there’s just something too delicious not to share.) So, I hope you enjoy this shift in content to mostly drink recipes (and the occasional reviews). I’m also retiring Thyme & Again as the name of this place. It was so cute and sweet when it fit. Honestly, if it worked better for coffee, I would keep it. But now I’m Black Kettle Brew.

Perhaps, I’ll share a good meal I’ve made again soon. I’ve archived a few posts I wasn’t as proud of, and I do still owe you my buffalo chicken spring rolls–getting an air fryer really changed the game.

Anyway, you’ll see a few other changes around the blog while I get setup for this new recipe adventure. And I hope to have a new recipe this week after I make some more cold brew.

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