Review: Hop House

What: Poutine Tots, Nachos, Elemental “Oxygen” Pomegranate Cider, Dementor’s Kiss
Where: Hop House – 8300 160th Ave NE, Redmond, Wa., 98052
Rating (1-5): 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

The other day I finally stepped on over to Hop House near downtown Redmond for a drink with a friend.

The inside of the place, in early afternoon, is bright and relatively not busy. Which was ideal for the relaxed time I wanted. All of the wait staff were cool and stopped to talk with us about our favorite nerd fandoms, and DnD, making the environment even more welcoming! One of the servers even recognized my friend from his previous visit there, so it was nice to feel as if I was walking into a place that saw regulars and appreciated them.

The first thing I ordered, as seen above, was the Dementor’s Kiss. The Dementor’s Kiss is actually a handful of special drinks they currently have that are Harry Potter inspired. (Regrettably there was nothing for Ravenclaw.) This drink contains “bacardi rum, house coffee Stout syrup, club soda and cream”, according to their menu.

While not being quite this sweet, the experience of the Dementor’s Kiss wasn’t unlike a Cadbury egg – you get the hit of rum and coffee flavor, followed immediately by the creaminess of the club soda and cream. I almost ordered more than one, but I knew I had to try two different drinks to get an idea for how Hop House fared across the menu.

For those curious, the remaining HP collection of special cocktails on their menu includes:

  • Butter Beer
    • “vodka, butterscotch, orange bitters and ginger beer”
  • Gryffindor
    • “Tito’s vodka, Tieton Cider Works cranberry cider, house cranberry syrup, lime juice, simple syrup”
  • Slytherin
    • “Woodinville rye whiskey, absynthe, lemon juice and simple syrup”
  • Unicorn’s Blood
    • “Jameson’s whiskey, grenadine, sweet vermouth and orange juice”

Yes, Hufflepuffs, you’ve been left out, too.

Hop House, if you’re curious of what would work for a Ravenclaw, I highly suggest something bright blue and potion like – smoking or fizzing – OR tea-infused. Like a smoky/mysterious spiked fog tea.

For our second round, my friend and I got the tots topped with poutine – Beecher’s cheese curds (classic Seattle) and gravy. I ordered the Elemental “Oxygen” Pomegranate Cider to top it all off.

According to Hop House, this cider is best paired with spicy foods. “Our Pomegranate Infused Hard Cider is reminiscent of a sparkling rosé,” is what the menu boasts. Having just eaten some buffalo-drenched foods the day before, I knew I had to give my stomach a break. But I don’t think I missed out on a huge flavor combination. I still loved this cider.

The drink was light and airy and tasted more like a fizzy juice than a hard cider. The poutine tots were expected but in a great way. If I’m gonna order poutine, I want poutine. If I’m gonna order tots, I want tots. There was nothing out of the ordinary for this combination, and that’s honestly all I wanted in that moment.

For the pièce de résistance (though, all things considered, that Dementor’s Kiss comes as a close tie), my friend was willing to share nachos with me.

The great thing about these nachos was it was hard to find a chip that didn’t have something on it – be it sauce, seasonings, veggies or cheese. What really drew me to them, however, was the pulled pork on top. I don’t often eat a lot of pork, but sometimes I just see it on a menu and know I have to have it.

We tore the nachos apart when they came by, and I would gladly go back just for those alone.

My time at Hop House was great! It was a friendly environment – despite being a “bar” of sorts, it welcomed you in family-restaurant-style – good food, good drinks, and wonderful service. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go with a friend or three and see what I mean.

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