Review: Little Brother, Breads and Bowls

What: Polenta, Mushrooms, Egg, Parmesan Bowl; Bread Board; Beet Root Latte
Where: Little Brother – 456 Central Way, Kirkland, Wa., 98033
Rating (1-5): 🌿🌿🌿🌿

I’ve mentioned Little Brother once before. Would you believe I haven’t been in almost that long, though? There are few places around Kirkland that became the “spots” that my friend and I would frequent, but now we don’t live in the same area, so we’ve had to find new spots and new times to meet at old ones.

Finally after some time of having not even seen much of each other, we made a plan to meet one weekend at Little Brother for a good meal.

Little Brother’s menu is mostly seasonal, so it’s hard to catch them when they’re serving the same thing as what someone else has reviewed. Now that it’s officially spring here in Washington – which is still hard to believe considering how snowed in we were just a month or so ago – this meal is likely not there.

But fear not! I’ve seen variations on this meal brought back time and time again, so they’re likely to have something similar in the future. And they always seem to have their bread boards.

From the last time I went when things were calmer, a weekend trip over to Kirkland proved a little more bustling than I anticipated. The lines are organized by paying for the food upfront, and then being seated somewhere at a table once one becomes available.

It’s definitely a different order of operations from what I’m used to, and I’m not 100-percent sure it’s the best order. For instance, when my friend and I sat down, we asked for a little spread – beyond the buttery spread provided – for our bread bowl. We were still offered the jelly requested, but we were told then that typically that comes at an extra charge.

I’m personally not a big fan of something as simple a single-serving spread being extra when the original bread board didn’t provide anything of the sort, but this type of arrangement puts the wait staff at a disadvantage, because they had to potentially ring up customers a second time for extras.

In all honesty, we didn’t know for certain we’d want anything additional to our meal, so we hadn’t anticipated this when ordering at the beginning. Overall, it’s just not the easiest experience for anyone involved. We appreciated the waiter that gave us the spread regardless – probably because he could tell we weren’t accustomed to the setup.

The last time I was at Little Brother, I was almost positive it was the typical dining arrangement with no known surprises. It may be they changed the format to stand out, so hopefully that hasn’t come with a set of frustrations for the workers.

I have nothing negative to say about the food, however.

We both ordered the same thing, as our eyes were immediately drawn to it! A bowl full of polenta, mushrooms, greens, egg and covered in parmesan cheese. It was a creamy dream. Little Brother has a variety of “greens & grains” on their menu served in a similar fashion. I recommend perusing it if you’re ever there. The polenta was smooth, the cheese added to the creaminess of the egg, and the mushrooms and greens added some much-needed earthiness to the overall dish.

It was all easily washed down by our waters and lattes. I went for the beet root latte. The texture had a slight graininess to it, but the flavor was mild. I was happy to see it wasn’t thick in consistency or anything that a twist on a latte might risk. The color was beautiful, as well!

I believe the beet root latte has been around for a bit, so even with a seasonal change you may be able to get yourself one, if you’re interested.

Strange way of ordering and seating aside, it was another great meal at Little Brother, and for that I’m grateful.

2 replies on “Review: Little Brother, Breads and Bowls”

I’m a simple woman. I see bread, I come running.

I wouldn’t be a huge fan of that setup either, but the food looks great. What else was on the menu when you went (that you remember?)

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There’s a variety of things that are particularly trendy like charcuterie boards… A bunch of breakfasty things like poached eggs…and their greens & vegetables section usually has a random variety of in-season things like right now it’s chilled cucumber soup and heirloom tomatoes… And I think they usually have some sort of mousse or patte. It can get on the pricier side so I don’t go a lot. But we can check it out next time you’re in town if you’re interested. 💜

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