Review: Meehan’s Public House

What: Seared Salmon
Where: Meehan’s Public House – 200 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303
Rating (1-5): 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

By the time 2018 is over, I will have managed to come back to Georgia 2.5 times – something I did not expect to have ever happened. In January, I drove from South Georgia to Florida to our port for the cruise. In August I was able to finally attend Dragon*Con with my best friend. If you’re interested in how we dressed up and what we did, Melody and I took a few photos of the week, but for once I was just enjoying my time without an obsession to document it all. And once more I will be in Georgia for a wedding before the year ends. I’m so happy I’ve gotten to come back to familiar territory so many times this year. This never really happens!

So, when I was able to breathe the Atlanta air once more, one of the first places Melody took me in August was Meehan’s Public House. This is an Irish pub-based restaurant with a dim, drink-clinking atmosphere. Every year, Melody comes to Meehan’s to indulge in the shepherd’s pie and kick off her Dragon*Con festivities. So, as our best friend week was to begin, she knew after registration at the convention she had to take me there as well.

I’m so happy she did.

Meehan’s service was a little slow to start, but after seeing just how busy and crazy the place always is, it was easy to give a pass to. Our server was clearly overworked but did her absolute best to keep our drinks filled, serve us delicious food in a respectable amount of time, and always smile and be appreciative of our time and patience throughout our experience. We even had a couple of other servers drop by to make sure we were alright as our actual server hustled around the narrow restaurant from the room in the back to the very front of the bar.

The actual atmosphere – along with being dim and very obviously a pub – had a lot to offer. We ended up at a table between the bar and the booths. It was a high-seated table, and I love having my feet swing. My only regret is it was only the two of us, because we might have been able to get a really rad seat at one of the booths – hooded and private with personal lighting.

Melody, as mentioned, got her shepherd’s pie. I love a good shepherd’s pie, but you know I’m trying to keep to my own dietary restrictions of mostly veggie/pescetarian. Not to mention, I love salmon. When I saw there was a seared salmon filet option, I jumped for joy at the description:

“Salmon filet, sautéed fennel and spinach, onion peppadew marmalade, red wine reduction.”

This. Was. So. Good. How else can I put it? It’s months later, and I still remember this salmon perfectly. The marmalade made the entire dish sweet in that way that savory food sticks with you but doesn’t weigh on you like dessert. The salmon flaked perfectly and was light. The fennel and spinach bed was salty and balanced out the marmalade so perfectly.

I did sneak a bit of Melody’s shepherd’s pie – because that serving was so much – and it was also delicious. So if you’re dying for a good shepherd’s pie, definitely check out Meehan’s. If you want to-die-for seared salmon, I implore you to check out Meehan’s. If you don’t like big crowds, it is Atlanta so good luck, but maybe avoid D*C week. It’s one of the busiest seasons at the end of summer.

Thank you, Meehan’s. You helped me kick off D*C just right.

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I’m so glad you loved this place! It was such a treat for me to share with you. And yes–can confirm, the booths are really cool seats. Hopefully next time, we’ll have a few more friends with us and you can experience that, too, in addition to even more good food and drinks.

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