Review: Mr. Gyros’ Donor Plate w/Falafel

What: Donor Plate with Falafel
Where: Mr. Gyros, Food Truck (more info)
Rating (1-5): 🌿🌿🌿

You know, I’ve only ever had Mr. Gyros’ food truck. I do want to drop by a static location and see how it is. My experiences with the food truck have actually always been stellar, though this particular instance was a little less-so. Still delicious, just not quite what I was expecting. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

To be fair to Mr. Gyros – for always treating me right, having friendly service, and because I genuinely do believe they are worth trying – I want to breakdown what I have had from them and enjoy. All of what I’m going to describe also shares element with the dish I tried for this post.


I’m not very picky about my falafel. As a vegetarian substitute in Mediterranean cuisine, I’ve yet to have falafel I don’t like. Mr. Gyros always does falafel nuggets that fit nicely in a gyro and are easy to dip it into some delicious sauce or hummus. The outside is crispy, the inside soft and flavorful. Easy yes, always.


Mr. Gyros has a very standard hummus – creamy texture, basic seasonings. None of it wows you, but that’s not the point. The point is just hummus because hummus is good. And Mr. Gyros always hit the right note with that.


I’ve had both lamb gyros and falafel gyros. Their pita is soft, their lamb is tender, their ingredients are fresh, the feta perfect, and their tzatziki sauce is thin and sharp. If you want a quick gyro by a food truck of friendly staff, you’ll not go wrong with Mr. Gyros.

So about what I had most recently: Donor Plate with Falafel.

The Donor Plate is, essentially, their loaded Greek fries. It comes with Greek fries (with feta and garlic), tzatziki sauce, a protein and then you can even ask for other ingredients you know they have like onions or tomatoes. Typically, when you get the version with lamb, it’s piled high and slathered in sauce.

I ordered it with falafel and this is what I got:

Now, it’s still a lot of fries, feta crumbles throughout, a hint of garlic, and falafel nuggets, but then just a big wad of hummus. Was it all tasty, yes? Was it nearly as appealing as the ones my friends got with lamb? No.

For the price point, this wasn’t really worth it. It was a lot of food I could barely finish, which does give some type of payoff, but for what I was hoping for, I could have gotten more, I think. That’s essentially why I give this particular experience 3 stars.

Maybe it was in the way I ordered it, maybe it was just the way it was served was a fluke mistake, but I definitely hoped for more. Again, was very good, but it made me wish I had just gone for the lamb.

If you see the truck come through, I say pounce on the opportunity while you have it. Again, I’m not very picky about my Mediterranean food. Most places can easily reel me in for a good gyro (though no Greek-inspired establishment will ever be quite as good as Olympia Cafe in Savannah, Ga.).

Mr. Gyro, work on that falafel Donor Plate. I’ll be back for your gyros, don’t you worry.

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