Review: Five Stones Coffee Co.

What: Lemon and Asparagus Toast, Cafe Stefano with Coconut Milk
Where: Five Stones Coffee Co. – 8102 161st Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Rating (1-5): 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

For this review, we’re going to use my pictures from the other morning before work, that I was sending to a friend on Snapchat. So enjoy the slightly lower quality and my Snappy caption!

I’ve been to Five Stones Coffee Co. a million times, and they absolutely deserve a shout out on this blog. (I also hear they’re plotting a second location in Bellevue, so lookout!) I can’t remember my first visit, but I’ve had so many in the last couple of years, that they all blur together in a swirl of deliciousness.

The best part of going to Five Stones is that they are right next to the Redmond Transit Center, so if you’re hopping on the 545 to get into downtown Seattle, you’re just wanting a quick jump onto the B-Line to take you somewhere else in Redmond, or you’re a wandering soul moving up and down sidewalks and sometimes between buses, they’re easy to pop into between trips.

The only downside to a trip to Five Stones Coffee Co., is their space and popularity. Five Stones quickly became a staple, and its proximity to the transit center didn’t deter that. On a weekend, if you’re on a time crunch, they’re hard to get in and out of, as the line is usually out the door. During a random non-meal-rush time of day, it’s not so bad. The seating isn’t vast, but if you come at a good time you’ll likely still see full tables, but there’s always a place either inside, outside, or at the bar by the window.

And even with space issues, I love the vibe whenever I go to Five Stones. The service is already incredibly friendly, the seats are spaced out just enough for privacy, and no matter the time of day, you can’t feel down while you’re there.

Five Stones’ flagship drink is their Cafe Stefano. It’s what anyone I know recommends to new patrons. It is gratuitously described on their menu as thus: “Crafted from espresso, steamed milk, hazelnut syrup, vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon and spritz of orange.” When it comes to the Cafe Stefano, my favorite part is the creaminess of it. I usually get mine with almond milk or coconut milk. The standout flavor for me is most certainly the hazelnut. My favorite time to get this particular drink is on a snowy or cold autumn day. It’s so warm in your hands!

But aside from something I already knew I loved, along with their “bites” menu, Five Stones Coffee Co., has been experimenting with their artisan toasts. For summer, they’ve released a couple of new spins, and the other morning – with Cafe Stefano in hand – I indulged in the Lemon and Asparagus Toast.

This toast is a gigantic piece of thick, locally made bread, topped with cream cheese, greens, shredded asparagus and what I believe was lemon rind! The flavors were so bright they screamed summer with every bite. It was also topped with a salt-and peppered, halved medium-boiled egg.

Medium boiled eggs, along with the already popular poached eggs, are becoming more and more commonplace with brunch and breakfast recipes around here, I’ve noticed. Most restaurants treat medium-boiled eggs as a flavorful garnish. (I plan to do a post about eggy trends soon!) When I got my food, my first task was, of course, chowing down on the egg. The next task was taking on this cumbersome but delicious looking toast.

Because of how much it was, and how it’s stacked with asparagus, I only ate half while I was there, but I took my order to-go because I needed to hop a bus to work. The other half was successfully devoured a bit later at my desk.

I haven’t had a lot of dishes with asparagus served this way, but I love asparagus, and I love the innovation. It paired so nicely with the lemon, and the cream cheese was so smooth. It’s inspired me to take on some toast-related artistry of my own!

Again, I can’t recommend Five Stones Coffee Co., enough. If you get a chance to go, let me know!

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