Review: Bamboo Garden

What: Veggie Wonton Soup, Vegetable Thai Curry (yellow curry)
Where: Bamboo Garden– 16564 Cleveland St, Redmond, WA 98052
Rating (1-5):  🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

My husband and I went to Bamboo Garden for dinner recently! Bamboo Garden is one of those places in town I think I have ordered from before on late nights at work, but if I have it’s been maybe one time before. Eating there was definitely an experience!

The decor was very rustic and traditional with awesome sculptures, murals and wall decorations everywhere. The lighting was actually quite bright – which is a nice change from the usually very dim ambiance around here. The music was also incredibly traditional – very thematic and instrumental. Which was great! Sometimes I’m not a big fan of hearing pop songs while I’m out eating.

The menu had quite a bit to choose from, I almost got overwhelmed by my options – but I’m someone who likes that.

As for the food, I started with (veggie) wonton soup, and the broth was delicious! The wontons were bigger than my comfortable bite-size, but I’m used to that, so I’m not sure if you’d rate that as any part of the experience. They were juicy and ‘meaty’, and the vegetables were stewed to the best tenderness. I ate everything and sucked the broth down no issue before my meal arrived.

The only odd thing about this experience was how they served the food. Your place is already set when you get to Bamboo Garden with a plate and silverware, but our waitress kept putting the food next to the plate instead of swapping out the dishes or serving the food onto the plate. I’m not really sure what the point of those place settings were if they didn’t serve a functional use, but we found it much easier – for what we ordered – to just put our food dishes on the plates and pretend they weren’t there.

The main event was a vegetable Thai yellow curry with a side of rice. This was very good! Honestly, it was kinda funny I even ordered this. I told myself to order something less spicy, because I just made a big batch of buffalo chicken in a crockpot (post to come), and then I went for curry. I clearly can’t handle my own advice. Even still this was delicious!

The veggies were pretty expected: green beans, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. The curry was thick, but not too thick, and I basically spooned tons of the curry onto my rice and had a fun time chowing down on that. Bamboo Garden also has four sauces at each table, and I tried the sweet chili sauce with the yellow curry rice mixture and it added such a delicious pop of flavor!

Overall, I was 100% thrilled with my experience there. If you haven’t given them a shot, I recommend it.

Also my husband had the sweet and sour chicken and it’s also very good!

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