Review: Spicy Braised Tofu, Homegrown

What: Spicy Braised Tofu Bowl
Where: Homegrown – 7841 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA, 98052
Rating (1-5):  🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

I’ve mentioned before that I love Homegrown. It’s just a great little chain. I honestly have no idea how large the chain is, because I only heard about them after moving to the Seattle area. Even still, one Friday a friend I decided to have a small adventure in downtown Redmond. We went to a cat cafe, swung by Victor’s Celtic Coffee to introduce the aforementioned friend to the candy bar coffee, roamed McDonald’s Books and had lunch at Homegrown.

What really got me excited about the potential of going to Homegrown that day was the chance to try out their new spring menu or some of the seasonal options I hadn’t had a chance to explore. The meal that I chose was the spicy braised tofu bowl! This beaut came loaded with “braised tofu, charred broccoli, avocado, red cabbage, warm ancient grains, farm greens, miso lime dressing & sriracha drizzle”, according to their online menu. Honestly, I’ve yet to have a bowl that let me down.

Bonus to anyone with an alternative diet/sensitive stomach: This dish is both vegan and gluten-free.

The char on the broccoli wasn’t overpowering, but it did add some texture and smokiness to the dish. The tofu was a little crispy and just the right amount of texture for everything else in the bowl. Quinoa is always a hit with me, and the green and red cabbage added the bite of freshness to the dish that I expect from Homegrown. The two notable things about the dish were the drizzle and the avocado. The avocado added a cool reprieve from the fiery sriracha that permeated my tongue as I worked my way through the dish. However, the miso lime dressing got lost in the sriracha. I don’t remember ever finding it when I ate it. So do be aware that the drizzle will overpower a lot. It may be worth asking for it on the side so you can control what it affects in the dish. Plus, if you aren’t big on heat, but you still want that pop of flavor and spice, having a controlled amount might be a good way to experience the dish as intended but to a preferable degree.

This bowl filled me up, and I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who goes to Homegrown. Make sure you check out this, their other bowls, and their spring menu before it rotates out to new seasonal options!

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